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Rose Cook

Why We Don't Use Grissini on the HCG Diet.

Grissini has long been advertised as the recommended snack for the HCG diet protocol. Almost all companies that provide the HCG Diet still recommend and even sell Grissini to their clients. But this is a terrible idea, even though it was recommended in the original HCG Diet protocol written by Dr A.T.W Simeons way back in 1962.

First, what is Grissini?

In short, it is a thin hard breadstick. Anyone who has been to Italy will know them well. They are everywhere.
Regarding nutritional value, two breadsticks are around 60-90 calories, depending on the brand, 3-4grams of fat, 2-3 grams of protein and between 10-20 grams of carbohydrates.

Why was this recommended as the starch-based snack back in 1962 By Simeons?
The answer is in the date. Back then, we did not have “The health food” industry, so we limited what was available. Don’t get me wrong, starch-based snacks are not a substitute for protein, vegetables and fruits. They merely offer variety and, of course, fibre. But some are much healthier than others.

Another issue with grissini, aside from the fact that they taste like bread that was left on a hot tin roof for a day, is that they are expensive and often difficult to find. So people would grab whatever they could find, not realising that not all grissin’s are created equally. Quite often substituting for a version that is high carbs, calories and even sugar.

When we designed the HC-slim system, we wanted to fix this problem. We created our program to be easier, more convenient, and of course, eliminate unnecessary added costs, such as our friend Mr breadstick.

Supermarkets these days have a plethora of healthy snacks that are more suited for dieting. A billion-dollar industry surrounds healthy eating.

I remember vividly back in 2012, when we designed the HC slim program, going to Pak and Save and loading up a trolley with all different kinds of snack crackers, breadsticks, and wafer type food things. We wanted to try and find the perfect combination between tastes.. as best we could with dry attached snacks and nutritional information. We knew it had to be healthier, tastier and cheaper.
After testing with our families, some of which were gluten intolerant.

The result.
We came up with the New Zealand classic.

Cruskits Lights.
With only about 44 calories per 2 pieces, 8 grams of carbs, 0 grams of fat and 2.4 grams of protein.

The cost is about $4.50, which is enough for around 15 days on the HC-Slim program.

For a Gluten-free option, we recommend Healtheies Corn Thins.

Of course, all the finer details of our modified and simplified HCG Diet program can be found in the guidebook that is included with any HC-Slim start kit.

And if you have any questions, you can send us an email, and our team will be more than happy to help.

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