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Rose Cook

Can I exercise while on the HCG Diet?

There is a bit of a misconception out there about exercising on the HCG Diet, and today our goal is to try and straighten that out. On the standard low calorie protocol it is recommended to limit exercise to walking or yoga for no more than 30 minutes per day. But for some, this can be disappointing because they want to continue an active lifestyle or they want to start toning their bodies as they lose weight. The good news is that by increasing your caloric intake, you can actually exercise a more while still reaping the benefits of the HCG Diet. We have designed a higher calorie protocol that fits into this rule. This higher calorie protocol was designed to go along with an active lifestyle and should only be implemented if you are burning more than 200 calories per day with your workout.

Here are 3 guidelines that you must follow to implement the 750 calorie protocol:

1. It is extremely important that you only eat approved foods stated in the plan, and drink the indicated amount of water throughout the day and take the oral doses of HC-Slim 15 minutes before or after each of your three meals.

2. Second, make sure to calculate the amount of calories needed to replenish your body after each planned workout.

3 Lastly, you need to add a reasonable portion of food to your diet after exercise. For example, if you do 40 min-1 hour of walking, jogging, or yoga and burn 300 calories then you need to add an extra protein, fruit, and vegetable serving to your daily intake of calories. Note: For people doing our HCG diet course it is not recommended to burn more than 400 calories in a single workout, even with an increased caloric intake.

Sample Days’ Meals

1 whole grapefruit with Powdered Stevia – 104 calories
1 omelet (3 egg whites with one whole egg) – 80 calories
1/4 cup Mushrooms 21 calories OR peppers and tomatoes – 20 calories
1 cup coffee with one Tablespoon skim milk – 5 calories

Total = 209

1 cup of approved fruit – 110 calories
½ cup of fat free cottage cheese – 91 calories or 100 grams of lean meat
1 cup of Cucumber slices with Seasoning – 16 calories

Total= 207

1 Approved starch Snack  60 calories

Grilled Chicken 100grams – 106 calories
1 apple – 65 calories
1 medium zucchini with onion and seasoning – 33 calories

Total= 214 calories

1 Approved starch Snack – 60 calories

Daily Total = 750 calories

This same plan can be applied if you have a physically demanding job.

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