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The HC-Slim Diet Plan
How Does it Work?

We have two-course durations available. 26 Days and 40 Days depending on how much weight you wish to lose. Multiple courses can be done to reach your desired goal weight.

The HC-Slim Diet has just three phases. Each has to follow as per the instructions to have the best results in the shortest possible time.

The first phase is the loading and lasts for just two days. The second is the main phase. This is where you will lose that unwanted weight. The third is the maintenance — this last up to three weeks.

Phase 1 - Loading Phase

The Loading Phase of the HC-Slim diet lasts for just the first two days of the diet. The purpose of these two days are to replenish fats stores within your body. Your body will use these fats stores over the first 3-4 days of the Main Phase. During these two days it is important to eat foods that are high in fat and to eat until you are "very full". While this may seem a little backwards when starting a diet it is, however an extremely important step. If you do not do this phase correctly or tried to miss it out then it is very likely you will experience hunger in the first week. This can lead to cheating or "Slip Ups" as we like to call them. While saturated fats (such takeaway/junk foods) can be eaten, it is recommended to have a mix of goods fats also, such as full milk products, cheese, eggs and dairy, meats high in fat, bacon, olive oil, salmon, Avocado, roasted nuts etc. Only 5-10% of your daily food intake should be sugary fats such as chocolate or donuts. During this phase you will also be taking the recommended dose of HC-Slim 3X per day.

Phase 2 - Main Phase

The Main Phase, or the Weight Loss Phase is where the magic happens. During this phase it is essential to follow the diet protocol as closely as possible to have the best possible results. In your starter kit you will receive a guide booklet explaining how to do the diet, what you can and can't eat as well as recipes to help you along the way. Is it important to weigh yourself on a daily basis so you can monitor your losses. Typically losses will be noticed within the first 2-3 days of this phase. This phase can last anywhere from 11-38 days depending on which course you are doing or depending on how long you wish to do the diet for. The diet that needs to followed consists of 2 main meals per day, 2 pieces of fruit and 2 snacks. All of the foods are readily available any supermarket. Our HC-Slim diet can be adapted to gluten and dairy free and the snacks and fruit can used as breakfast. If you reach you goal earlier you can then stop this phase and move on the final phase This important phase is called The Maintence phase.

Phase 3 - Maintenance

The final stage of the HC-Slim Diet is called the Maintenance Phase. This is where we stabilise the final goal weight. Even if you wish to do another round it is important to do this after phase 2. (The maximum you can do the main phase is for 48 days. Then you must have a break and do the maintenance during this time). Here we can re introduce some of the foods that we avoided in The Main Phase. Full portion meals can now include good fats, carbs, such as rice, pasta and vegetables such as potatoes and pumpkin. During this phase it is important to monitor your weight on a daily basis to ensure you remain within no more than 1.5Kgs either side of your final phase 2 weight. This phase lasts for 3 weeks (or 4 weeks if you plan on doing another round). It is essential to complete this part of the diet in order to have the long-term effects of the diet and to help in maintaining your weight in the future. If you wish to do another round, you must begin by starting with first two days The Loading Phase again..

Full Support Included With Our HC-Slim Courses.

With all our products you will have life time support.
If you have questions, need advice or just need someone to talk to, we are here. We have an 0800 number, Email Support, FaceBook and a Private Facebook Group where you can meet and discuss your progress with fellow HC-Slim Dieters around New Zealand. In addition, our Support team will be checking in on you throughout your course with helpful advice, tips and giving you the opportunity to ask and questions.

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